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Happy Birthday to Me!!

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Well. I guess there's no denying it any more. I am in my 40s. It's official. How the HELL did that happen? (When I say "hell" with my new English accent, it sounds more like "hehwwll," so do the mental gymnastics yourself for full audio effect).

The day started with a bang when J presented me with yet another birthday present!! It seems he thought that the Jersey Boys tix weren't quite enough (yes, I'm spoiled).

So what was it, pray tell? Well, only this fab-boo coat that I have been eyeing ever since I got here almost six weeks ago. I swear to DOG that I was going back to Marks & Spencers the next day to buy it after much hemming and hawwing, but as it turns out, I didn't have to, as my sweetie surprised me with it first thing Tuesday morning! Awwwwwwwwwww.

So, after that rousing start, I decided to keep the ball rolling with a trip to the gym. Well, wasn't that a lot more eventful than I had anticipated! Seems that my membership card, when swiped through the front entry gate, alerted the gym receptionist that it was my birthday. Although I turned down the birthday-special personal training session (no time!), that didn't stop all the floor trainers (all five of them!) from coming over to sing "Happy Birthday" to me--while I was dying on the elliptical trainer! Egads. Embarrassed much?

Where can one go after that?

Well ... to lunch, that's where! And to top it all off, it was a gorgeous, sunny afternoon to boot!

But not before a few quick pics to commemorate the day, including the New Snazzy Coat:


The gang was all there (well, almost all there): my dates were J, his mom N, his sister T, and one of his four nieces, E.


We went to this local pub & grill called The Harvester, where much fun was had and much fattening food was consumed. It was a natchos, burgers, and dessert kind of day:


And, surprise, surprise, they actually managed to sneak a cake by me--all the while I was trying to pick out a dessert! BURN!


Despite the gargantuan cake, N, being N, ordered the one dessert we had our eye on anyway, and we shared it (by "share," of course I mean we fought over it like a bunch of vultures going to the electric chair):


As if I hadn't been spoiled enough, there were presents! flowers! balloons! Luckily, there was helium in one, so I was able to actually move toward the parking lot, despite being unable to move my lower body which was by then full of natchos, burgers, fries, and about 5000 calories worth of chocolate grand marnier cake!


We got home, and I was still floored by how sweet J and his family are. I can't believe everyone went to such an effort--on a work day, no less!



Here's the really crazy part: MORE THEATRE! We had about an hour to catch our breath (and find better-fitting pants), and it was off once more on the Piccadilly Line (yes, I know all the stations in order now) and Piccadilly Circus, where the Queen's Theatre and Les Miserables awaited.


This time, it wasn't just me and J, but me, J, and N! Now, it's true that I have seen Les Mis about a half-dozen times already, but it really never gets old, and each time is a new discovery. Before the curtain went up, we had a chance to get a drink and explore yet another beautiful, old theatre:


As usual, I was enamourred with the many old theatre posters:


As expected, the play was great, with many excellent performances. It was the first time seeing Les Mis for both J and N, and a great time was had by all. To think that this was our third trip to the theatre in such a short time (when I had only hoped to go once!) really blew my mind.

And, hey, I wouldn't be me if I didn't sneak another illegal shot of the curtain call!


It was such a great day that I didn't even mind that I almost got into a fight with some punk on the tube who thought he'd use N as a coat hanger for his knapsack!

It was one fantastic birthday. Thank you, J, for what was just one of many wonderful days. You really made it special, as you always do. xoxoxoxox


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